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Fast Launcher is replacement for Quick Launch panel and Start menu
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11 September 2002

Editor's review

Are you satisfied with the present shortcut arrangements on your desktop? Some people always patiently choose a program's name all the way from the Start menu, others clutter their desktops with numerous shortcuts, others yet get all the program to the Quick Launch pad, but still you have to click your mouse dead to launch a few most frequently used and needed applications every time you start your PC. Use Fast Launcher as a nice replacement or add-on for the Quick Launch pad.
Fast Launcher is a floating toolbar that lets you add as many shortcuts to applications as you like. It has quite a few distinctive features: first of all, it lets you group applications - for example, games in one tab and word processing in another one. It also lets you assign hotkey combinations so that you can run programs by pressing a hot key. There's more: you can launch several programs at once.
The program conveniently minimizes itself into a systems tray or hides completely. It can then reappear near your mouse cursor, snap to a window's edge and do other things to make it nice and useful. Download it now and see that for yourself.

Publisher's description

Fast Launcher is nice replacement for traditional Windows' Quick Launch panel and Start menu. It has several features, which make this program more useful and convenient than Quick Launch. Fast Launcher is easy to use: you need just two clicks to launch program, it allows you to divide different programs to groups, you can minimize it to tray or hide, hot-keys for quick access and much more!
Fast Launcher
Fast Launcher
Version 3.0
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Ronald  Sibbald
I have over 100 programs and 21 catagories the I launch with three clicks. never use desltop or MS lunch pad.
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